Fully opening the windows & letting fresh air & natural light in is such a refreshing thing for people. But allowing fresh air come in also attracts mosquitoes & flies and other insects that are harmful. Pleated Mosquito Net is the most widely used insect protection system for doors & windows.

Installing Pleated Mesh on your house doors & windows help tackle this with ease and you won't even feel the difference. Durability is no concern with tension-based technology. And the best part? Due to the increase in demand for Pleated Mesh in recent years, Pleated Meshes are beautiful than ever with a wide range of designs & colors to choose from, only at Skyler.


Pleated Mesh Elite is a patent-pending, removable design from Germany that can withstand strong winds. Maximum visibility and fresh air are made possible by the retractable mechanism with larger opening possibilities. These fly screens are perfect for casement windows, bifold doors, tilt-and-turn windows, and wide balcony doors.


With a user-friendly feature at the bottom for simple access, the barrier-free design is a pleated one from Germany.These fly screens are perfect for large balconies, verandas, french doors, and bifold doors because of the retractable system's broader opening possibilities, which provides for optimum vision and fresh air.