Skyler endures to guarantee you homes that distinguish your taste from others. Our well designed and vibrantly coloured uPVC doors help your doorsteps in creating unending impressions. We aim to shoulder your responsibility of building classic homes.
As we endeavour to embrace all you utility expectations our doors can be set up according to your needs and preferences. Being a blend of safety and style uPVC doors are crafted with an aim to cater serene dwelling to our clients. Noise proof uPVC doors make the insides of your house peaceful while the waterproof uPVC doors keep you shielded from monsoon weather chaos. East to operate and fuss-free to maintain, these doors are a better choice over the wooden doors.

With a perception to create your safe heaven, we at Skyler strive to create masterpieces peculiar to your needs and preferences.


Beautiful French uPVC doors from Skyler will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also, if strategically placed, will widen your living space.These wonderful doors are perfect for any situation. Our full glass panelled French uPVC doors are suited for living rooms and balconies, they will add light to your home and combine indoor and outdoor living. With French uPVC doors you are sure to get maximum sunlight and ventilation into your home.
French uPVC doors have high performance acoustic, thermal and weather resistant properties as well as multipoint locking for additional security. French uPVC doors will provide an unrivalled level of thermal performance keeping you warm in winter and cool in summers.
French uPVC doors are a brilliant solution to any home, adding beauty and space, as well as safety, security and insulation French doors will always prove popular because they give full, wide and unhindered access when both doors are open, really capitalizing on the openings available, and their stunning appearance with have guests talking about them for years to come.


Slide and fold uPVC doors also called bi fold uPVC doors can create a whole new ambience for your home. The design and functionality of slide and fold uPVC doors allows optimum utilization of space.
Slide and Fold doors effortlessly allow for uninterrupted view and passage and seamlessly act as a partition or a window or a door as you may choose. Slide and Fold uPVC doors consist of two or more amazingly flexible panels; they can be fully opened, partially opened or completely closed, depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, doors stack neatly to one side creating valuable additional space and open living. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing,
uPVC slide and fold doors are ideal to bring the garden or the balcony into the living area with natural light and fresh air. The Slide and Fold Door develops an unrivalled sense of class while creating a spacious, modern interior Feel. No Surprise that is the most asked about door in our range.
Skyler Slide and Fold uPVC Door panels are constructed from a hard-wearing, tough and reliable uPVC profile which is reinforced for structural integrity, and incorporates high quality hardware so that you can enjoy the scenery as well as thermal and acoustic comfort without the maintenance that is expected at that level of performance.


The sliding uPVC doors are stylish and elegant. Sliding uPVC doors opens up your home within seconds and gives you a stylishly framed and uninterrupted view of whatever lies outside, whether that be the greenery or the city skyline.Sliding UPVC doors just like sliding windows work on a roller track and sliding mechanism. The sliding uPVC doors can be configured with either two, three or four sashes that horizontally slide on tracks, to the left or right and can be made on two or three roller tracks.
The sliding uPVC door can be custom-designed to fit any style or structural requirement and can be elegantly combined with other window products. Skyler offers sliding uPVC doors with numerous combination options. Each of our sliding uPVC doors is tailor-made and designed to be an elegant eye-catching introduction to your home as well as providing for that other important element: keeping your home safe and secure at all times.
That's why Skyler apply only the strongest materials with latest security features such as multipoint locking and galvanized steel reinforcements. UPVC sliding doors also come with standard double sealing and interlocking mechanisms to ensure dust free interiors.


The Tilt & Slide uPVC door is for the consumer who desires a sliding door with a difference! Put our visionary ideas to work in your home utilising a space saving design, which incorporates a ventilation opening, and their size and style allows for plenty of light. The tilt and slide uPVC doors are very similar to sliding uPVC doors, the only difference being that the door sash can be tilted inwards to 15°, from the top, in this great range of tilt and slide!
These Tilt and Slide uPVC doors from Skyler are an exceptional symphony of great functional hardware and niche uPVC design and will leave your guests spell bound with their beauty and functionality.
You will catch yourself providing demonstrations of the tilt & slide operations to your curious family and friends with great excitement!
These doors are functionally balanced and well-fitted tilt and slide uPVC door can make a real difference to your home , assisting ventilation in your living area, while the door remains securely locked. The tilt and slide uPVC door strength is further increased by the special hardware system that affords smooth and trouble-free operation. It is perfectly designed to unite residential interiors with external landscape (balconies, garden or backyard). Combined with fixed sashes, tilt and slide uPVC doors provide a perfect combination for any room. Our stylish tilt and slide doors are built to enhance your surrounding environment, whilst maintaining the integrity of your home’s security.

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