Slimline Aluminium Windows Vs Traditional Windows: Which is Better?

Slimline Aluminium Windows Vs Traditional Windows: Which is Better?

A beautiful view can improve both your quality of life and the value of your home, but many homeowners often find it difficult to decide which kind of windows are most appropriate for their needs. Choosing the best windows may be difficult and stressful with so many alternatives today.

Among the most desirable windows on the market, slimline aluminium windows are on the rise. They are a perfect blend of style, utility and cost-effectiveness. But are they better than traditional system windows? Let’s find out!

Top 5 comparisons to help you make the right choice:

1. Always in Style:

Your regular system windows might limit your house’s aesthetics. Even though system windows look timeless, the days are changing now. Gone are the days of hard plastic windows that smudge and reflect too much light. Instead, slimline aluminium windows' sleek and stylish design is easy on the eyes and functional too. Moreover, they are versatile and blend in with most furniture and adapt to the aesthetics of your house.

2. Built to Last:

The best part about aluminium system windows is that you may never have toreplace them. These sturdy companions are built to last 30-40 years without losing their charm. Comparatively, your traditional windows will need some maintenance once every 5 years.

The durability of aluminium system windows only adds to their longevity with proper maintenance. So, why not only invest once rather than having to purchase new windows time and again? You will never have to deal with corrosion or rust once you switch to slimline aluminium windows.

3. Energy Efficient and Economical:

Has your last month’s electricity bill been haunting you? Depending on your choice of windows, there can be a major change in your electricity bills. Traditional system windows are not equipped with the insulating technology to maintain an optimum temperature in your house. On the other hand, aluminium system windows are built for this task.

4. Ultra Slim for More Natural Light:

A major point of difference between system windows and slimline aluminium windows is their width. Traditional windows don’t have a wide build like their modern competitors. This gives you a wider view while keeping the window-to-panel ratio sleeker in all your rooms. The wide glass display of the aluminium system windows allows for more natural light to enter your house too. You can make the most out of a sunny day without much effort.

5. Easy to Install (& customisable):

Worried about installation costs? Unlike traditional system windows, your new aluminium system window setup will be hassle-free. These lightweight windows are built for easy installation and customisation. The best part about slimline aluminium windows is that you won’t have to worry about additional changes or add-ons once you have them installed. All you need to worry about is choosing from the wide range of designs and options available to you.

Wrapping up:

While traditional system widows have served all kinds of households for centuries, modern research has brought home a better option. While staying true to timeless traditional windows has an aesthetic value, it might be damaging to your savings. However, by simply investing in the modern alternative, you can save yourself from a lot of headaches.

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