As rigorous believers of sculpting perfection into your dream houses we work towards adding peace to your corners. The impressively weather proof uPVC windows keep the insides of your home well shielded against the hassles of climes.
Against the monotonous and weather clumsy wooden windows the water proof uPVC windows are designed to accentuate the placidity of your dwelling in monsoons. The monsoon proof uPVC windows are impervious to water and shield your house from water spurring in the insides during rainfall. Moreover the Sound proof uPVC windows are a better choice to keep you free of external noise chaos hence assimilating peaceful environs in the insides. The minimal maintenance makes them a cost-effective option for your dream house. The uPVC windows are durable and long lasting which is another advantage of these over the traditional windows.
Your house epitomizes your character and elegance, hence has to be timeless as regards appearance. Shielding the insides from weather hassles keeps your house stand tough against time and weather.

We at Skyler endeavour to give your house a timeless dignity.


Casement uPVC windows are stylish and sophisticated and can suite any house design- contemporary or traditional. Skyler uPVC casement options are available in inward, outward, single and double sash, top hung (also called awnings)and bottom hinged (also called hoppers) combinations.
Imported Friction stay hardware is the beauty of these windows and allows for windows to be open at any angle without the need of any stopper. Casement uPVC windows can be single or double with a covering sash hinged on the vertical side that opens to an approximate 90 degree outside angle.
If the window is paired, the outside surface is easily maintained and cleaned from the inside through the second half. All casement uPVC windows from Skyler include a large number of security devices, including; multipoint locking, handle and key that creates a locking device and security bolts.
Double sealed through the length and breadth of the window they provide great insulation from dust, pollutants, insects, noise and weather. Additional options of roller mesh is available. Skyler casement windows are supplied in any configuration to suit your home and come in both single panel or multi-panel configurations. The design of the casement uPVC window is to create a more comfortable, warmer home; meaning that you save energy and money.


uPVC fixed windows magnify the space as they provide for great unobstructed views. Fixed windows are an ideal choice as they allow abundant natural light to flow into the rooms. Fixed windows allow for maximum sound and thermal insulation and are fitted with apt glazing options. They are often used to complement other windows and doors and are best placed in areas where ventilation is not mandatory, but when combined with other uPVC windows (casement, tilt and turn, sliding) they give required air circulation. At Skyler, multiple combination of uPVC window types and performances are available for your project. Each combination performs at a high level of energy efficiency and practical functionalty. With Quality glazing units and Landmrk uPVC windows thermal efficiency and sound insulation are optimized.


Sliding windows are a roller track and horizontal sliding and interlocking window mechanism.Sliding windows are great for areas where window panes need to be non protruding And because they are non protruding they can be fitted with retractable screens for mosquitoes and flies. Double sealing mechanism keeps insects, dust and other pollutants out.
All Sliding Windows from Skyler include a large number of security devices, including; multipoint locking, handle and key that creates a locking device and security bolts. Double glazing your sliding windows will improve thermal and acoustic performance and you will find your heating and cooling bills drastically reduced and your surroudnings becomin quiter and more peaceful.
Skyler offers a range of user friendly options for your sliding windows


Skyler offers you a range of tilt and turn windows to compliment any frame. Tilt and Turn windows are gaining admirers due to their flexible design and installation and it stands to become a very popular window style due to its many advantages.
The tilt and turn uPVC windows are stylish simple, and are very easy to operate. With a simple twist of the handle, the window can be tilted inwards, from the top of the design, for normal, free flowing, ventilation. A further half-turn of the handle allows you to open the window the whole way, from the side of the frame, to let the fresh air in.
This type of window can make a stylish alternative to casement windows. Generally the tilt position window provides you with ample ventilation directing airflow towards the ceiling; whereas the turn position, when completely open, can air a complete room in very little time.

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Skyler uPVC Windows

High Quality

  • Completely harmless to humans.
  • Excellent sound insulation properties.
  • Perfect thermal insulation.
  • Will increase the value of your home.
  • Very durable

High Performance

  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • Resistant to termites.
  • Does never rot, rust or corrode
  • Prevents mould and bacteria.
  • Excellent burglary resistance.
  • Efficient for many years.

uPVC Windows

Elegant Design

  • Suitable for both new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings.
  • Customized for individual requirements
  • Appealing visual appearance
  • Available in laminated colors, more resistant than paint.

Environment friendly

uPVC window profile systems are made from ecologically friendly materials in terms of less pollutant materials than wood or aluminum.

Polymer is recyclable and so there is no material lost as all waste goes back into the recycling process.