uPVC Windows and Doors are an integral architectural aspect of the most loved and important investment of our customers- their homes or offices. Windows and Doors are an important investment and correct designing is absolutely essential. A Good design needs to account for a host of considerations such as :

  • The layout of the building
  • The immediate surroundings in terms of view, pollution and noise.
  • Environmental aspects such as wind rain and sun.
  • The usage and availability of space around the doors and the windows.
  • The heating and cooling needs of the space.
  • Safety
  • Budgetary Allocations AND above all.
  • Customer Aspirations.

The importance of inculcating all these considerations in the design process cannot be exaggerated Skyler team with its expertise and experience in uPVC Fenestration endeavors to provide best possible design solutions to ensure beauty, functionality, and cost effectiveness to its Windows and Doors.


A site survey is the preliminary exercise in terms of understanding the space and the customer needs.
The site survey process starts with a technical expert understanding and observing the site from a technical and design view point.
All aspects to be considered in the final designing such as layout, surroundings, environmental aspects, usage and space availability, safety considerations, heating and cooling needs, noise levels, pollution levels, scenic view, safety considerations are observed and noted during site survey.
A professional site survey is essential in ensuring a good design.
A uPVC window consists of the uPVC profile, glazing and Hardware. A host of combinations are possible in a single window and each alternate comes with its own set of advantages. A comprehensive site survey takes a 360° of the space and provides the input for the design of each and every Window and the alternates to be used in it. Based on the site survey and Understanding Customer aspirations, recommendations on available design alternates are made.
Skyler Staff is well trained to carry out a professional site survey.


The Manufacturing of windows and doors is done at our state of the art fabrication unit. It is here that our beautiful and functional windows are brought to life.
The multi chambered window and door profiles are cut to precise measurements Galvanised steel or aluminium reinforcements are inserted in the uPVC profiles and screwed inside them.
The steel reinforcements provide the structural strength and rigidity to the uPVC doors and windows and go a long way in making them safe and burglar resistant.
The profiles are then fusion welded to make the body structure of the Windows and Doors.
The fusion welding ensures water resistence and air tightness The recommended hardware and glazing is then fitted to the profiles to complete the anufacturing.
The ready windows are then packed suitably to avoid scrathes and breakages during tranportaion. Skyler has a very stringent quality check system built in during the entire process of manufacturing.
Right from the correct choice of profiles, to the cutting of profiles and their welding everything is checked and rechecked for quality and dimensional accuracy. Only the best quality glass and hardware sourced from reputed suppliers and processors is used. Professional Installation of windows is as important a job as is the manufacturing. uPVC windows are fitted using specialized fasteners and are silicon sealed to ensure complete insulation from the elements. Skyler undergo stringent quality checks and are manufactured and Installed by its skilled workforce under expert supervision to ensure a quality product that gives trouble free performance for years.

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