Skyler specializes in the manufacture and installation of uPVC windows and doors and is dedicated to provide uPVC windows and doors that are of high standards, at very affordable rates. With years of experience in the Fenestration Industry, manufacturing and installing Windows and doors in the Indian market Skyler provides comprehensive technical expertise and advice which covers all the aspects of design, fabrication and installation of uPVC windows and doors. Whatever your fenestration needs- big or small, Skyler can provide you with the best service! The options are endless, from the tilt and turn windows and slide and fold doors of the new generation to the ever so reliable and stylish Casement and French windows to the Indian favourite- Sliding Windows and doors.

Skyler Windows can meet your needs!

Skyler Vision

Skyler Vision

To provide our customers Safe Elegant Efficient best quality uPVC doors and windows for very competitive prices.

Skyler Mission

Skyler Mission Statement

At Skyler Windows we are committed to provide top quality energy efficient and ever lasting uPVC doors and windows, manufactured by our dedicated and efficient team, using state of the art machineries to deliver the most competitive prices for all our customers.

Skyler Values

Skyler Values

Service and Respect
Intergrity and Trust
Teamwork and Accountability

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Skyler uPVC Advantages

Energy efficiency

uPVC has the same insulation properties as timber without the maintenance.
uPVC window mitre corners are fusion welded, superior to mechanical assemblies for Wood and Aluminium.
uPVC frame U-value(heat transfer coefficient) is significantly lower than Aluminium.
Infra-red camera detection of low energy efficient window (right).


Completely harmless to humans.
Excellent sound insulation properties.
Perfect thermal insulation.
Will increase the value of your home.
Very durable.


Resistant to environmental conditions.
Can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent or soapy water.
Resistant to termites and do never rot, rust or corrode.
Prevents the development of diseases caused by mould and bacteria.
Excellent burglary resistance.
Efficient for many years.


Suitable for both new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings.
Customised for individual requirements.
Appealing visual appearance.
Available in laminated colours, more resistant than paint.

Noise Reduction

Windows which are attached at non linear angles are called bay windows. Aethetically pleasing they give a whole new dimension to the house and makes it stand apart.

Excellent Fire Proofing

uPVC window profile systems are fully self extinguishing. Polymer the material that uPVC windows profile systems are made from, is non combustible. uPVC profile systems are manufactured under international standards, guaranteeing your safety

Environment Friendly

uPVC window profile systems are made from ecologically friendly materials in terms of less pollutant materials than wood or aluminium.
Polymer is recyclable and so there is no material lost as all waste goes back into the recycling process.

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